Participants are invited to submit the abstracts of their scientific communications as “.doc” or “.docx” attachments from 1st March 2022 to the email address



In the object of their email authors should specify the full name of the registrant  who will present the contribution, and the preferred form of presentation:  ORAL or POSTER. In order to warrant the stage-visibility to the largest number of participants any presenting author is limited to give only one oral presentation and one poster presentation. The same author is allowed to give one oral presentation plus one poster presentation. For any contribution is required at least the registration of the Presenting Author.

Save the abstract file as
Tn_SURNAME of Presenting author_ORAL
Tn_SURNAME of Presenting author_POSTER

being n the topic number assigned by the presenting author to her/his contribution according to the classification of the topics reported in  the relative homepage section.  The value of n ranges between 1 and 3.

All abstracts have to be written in English and cannot exceed ONE PAGE in length  including figures, schemes, tables and references. Please, download and use the Abstract Template (Abstract Template E3) for formatting the content of your abstract and send it before the deadline of May 20th 2022 to  the email address specified above. Abstracts in “.pdf”  will not be accepted.

After sending the email with the attached abstract the authors will be notified by a message of receipt acknowledgment.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee prior to acceptance. The notification of contribution acceptance will be sent by e-mail to the presenting authors by 1st June 2022.

Since the number of oral slots is limited, the Scientific Committee (SC) could be constrained to make  a selection in case the number of oral presentation requests exceeds the available slots. It is warranted that any effort will be made by SC in synergy with the Organizing Committee to satisfy as many requests as possible.